Monday, April 27, 2009

As a close childhood friend of Rivkie, Aliza's older sister, I remember when Aliza was born. Rivkie and I were 10. She was a beautiful baby with HUGE brown eyes and a big smile. I remember her being this little 2 year old at Rivkie's bat mitzvah. She was always the baby of the family even when she was grown. I have so many little memories of her. Playing outside shabbos afternoons with her cousin or friends, leaning on her father at the shabbos table, running to the kitchen to grab a snack from the "junk drawer", Leba getting her ready to go out for Sunday pizza on Main Street with the grandparents, being at Rivkie's shabbos kallah and her having just had her bat mitzvah and everyone discussing it. Her being so cute (and stunning) at Rivkie's wedding. Not to mention a great aunt to all her nieces and nephews. There are so many memories.It is still impossible to imagine or begin to comprehend that she is no longer.May the entire family know no more sorrow.

Ariella (Seliger) Chasky

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