Sunday, April 19, 2009

Memories of Aliza

The purpose of this blog is to collect memories people have of Aliza (Nat) Shull, a'h, in order that those memories can be saved and later transmitted to Chani so she can have an understanding of her mother and her mother's life - how she lived, who her friends and family were, how she acted, how she would want Chani to see her and to live her own life.

At shiva, someone asked Gabi if they had had the opportunity to record memories for Chani from Aliza, and he noted that while Aliza had talked about a month earlier about writing letters to Chani, she hadn't been able to do so. While there are wonderful pictures from her graduation party and Chani's 3rd birthday party, the letters were never written. Instead, he asks that we all help write to Chani everything we can remember about Aliza and her life while it is still fresh in our minds so Chani can read it when she is older, so she can understand and appreciate her incredible mother, Aliza Rachel bas Chaim Tzvi & Liba Yenta (Nat) Shull.

He also asks that everyone send in pictures, videos, letters, messages, memories, words of chizuk... anything. It will all be kept, it will all be appreciated, and it will all be beautiful for Chani to have.

Please either comment or e-mail the memories and pictures to (Please note specifically if something should remain private and not be posted to the blog.)

Thank you so much.


  1. Right now, the only image in my mind is the last time I think I saw Aliza, less than two months ago. I was walking out of R' Arielli's shul with Gabi and Dovid, and in the back, standing by Chani's stroller, was Aliza. I remember thinking - as people talked and kids played all around her - that unless you knew she was sick, you would have NO idea. She wanted to live life as normally as she could, she never wanted to be a burden - not on friends, not on family. She was standing there, talking with Katie as always, rolling her eyes at whatever Gabi would say, watching Chani with love. That was the selflessness of Aliza.

  2. We used to always ask Aliza or Gabi if we could use their microwave, because Yossie likes popcorn. One day, I came home and I saw that they got us a present- a popcorn machine- along with the popcorn and butter spray. And of course they said that we could still use their microwave, but they thought we would like it! That was Aliza- she was so thoughtful and caring. She was also so easygoing, she made you feel right at home when you were with her, and she was a great listener.

    Even though she went through a lot, she always had a smile on her face. At Chani's 3rd birthday party even though Aliza was really not doing well, she went all the way out to make the party fun and enjoyable for everyone. She must have been in a lot of pain, but that didn't stop her from really being there for Chani and making the party fun for Chani.

    When Tzviki was born, everyone was sending baby presents for him. Aliza was so thoughtful and she bought a present for Avraham Yitzchak-after all the attention Tzviki was getting that was exactly what he needed.

    I feel honored that I had her as a neighbor, and we miss her. But the memories and lessons that we learned from her will always live on.